CURA 3D Printer profiles and machine settings (Patrons only)

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Check out the printer profiles and machine settings, I have created for these printers: Flashforge Adventurer 3: Printing profiles 0.1mm printing profile0.2mm printing profile Machine settings PrinterX-Width150Y-Width150Z-Height150Build plate shaperectangularOrigin at centerYESHeated bedYESHeated build volumeNOG-Code flavourMarlinStart G-Code;start gcodeG90G28M132 X Y Z A BG1 Z50.000 F420G161 X Y F3300M7 T0M6 T0M651M907 X100 Y100 Z40 A100 B20End G-Code;end gcodeM107G91 ; relative positioningG1 E-6 F3000 ; retract filamentM104 S0 T0M140 S0 T0G162 Z F1800G28 X YM132 X Y A BM652G91M18ExtruderNozzle size0.4Compatible material diameter1.75...
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